Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Icing a Wedding Cake With Butter Cream Frosting

 You will need a turntable, a spatula designed for spreading icing, cardboard rounds, plastic wrap, a firm cake, a good butter cream icing recipe and patience. My first most important tip is always use a very cold cake. In fact I recommend freezing the wedding cake layers prior to filling and frosting them.

My second tip is to use a soft (but not too soft) butter cream recipe. My favorite frosting recipe is called an Italian Meringue. It is light and fluffy and not too sweet. After your cake layers have cooled, you will wrap them in plastic wrap and freeze for at least a few hours, overnight is even better.

(Note) You can cut one cake to make two layers if you bake them in the higher sided pans, which you can get at your local craft store. Wilton is a good brand. If you choose to do this, then cut the cakes after they have cooled, but before they are put into the freezer.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wedding Cakes - 3 Steps to Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Both the centerpiece of your evening and the delicious dessert, your wedding cake is a significant element of your wedding reception. It should be eye-catching and fabulous. (tasty too!) I've narrowed the process of selecting your wedding cake into three easy steps. Follow these, and you will have the confection that suits your personal style and budget.

Step 1: Determine your Wedding Cake Style

As the focal point of your reception, your cake should represent the theme of your wedding and reflect your overall vision. Consider the style, shape, color and adornments. Browse and collect photographs of cakes that inspire you. Make a list of qualities you like and don't like.